EIT hyväksyi itselleen päivitetyt eettiset ohjeet

3.9.2021 | Oikeusuutiset

Markku Fredman

I. Integrity

Judges’ conduct must be consistent with the high moral character that is a criterion for judicial office. They should be mindful at all times of their duty to act, in and outside the Court, with the requisite integrity, as well as loyalty, dignity and discretion inherent in the authority and reputation of the Court. Judges shall exercise particular caution in all contact with parties and other persons associated with pending cases.

– – –

VI. Expression and contacts

Judges shall exercise their freedom of expression in a manner compatible with the dignity of their office and their loyalty to the institution of the Court. They shall refrain from expressing themselves, in whatever form and medium, in a manner which may undermine the authority and reputation of the Court or give rise to reasonable doubt as to their independence or impartiality. This applies equally to the exercise of judicial function, representation of the Court, and to academic or other public or private activities outside of the Court. They shall proceed with the utmost care if using social media.

– – –

IX. Decorations and honours

Judges may not accept any decorations or honours during their mandate as a Judge of the Court.




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