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The Finnish Bar Association was founded in 1919. Today, the Bar Association has more than 2,200 members. Our office is located in Helsinki and is managed by the Secretary General Niko Jakobsson.

What is an attorney-at-law?

An attorney-at-law is a lawyer specialising in defending the rights of his or her client. The professional title “attorney-at-law” may be used only by members of the Bar Association.

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No issue is so difficult or problem so big that an attorney-at-law cannot find a solution for it! Our search service includes all Finnish attorneys, i.e. members of the Finnish Bar Association.

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In life, you may come up against unexpected situations that seem impossible to resolve. In such cases, it is a good idea to ask for help from an experienced and reliable expert who will put your affairs in order in no time.

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Read about our supervision

Read about our supervision

The professional supervision system for attorneys is based on law, and it is our duty to ensure that Finland has a body of attorneys-at-law with a high standard of professional excellence. In addition to attorneys-at-law, we supervise public legal aid attorneys and licensed legal counsel.

Constitutional State 2025

Constitutional State 2025

In every constitutional state, there exists a body of attorneys-at-law independent from governmental authority, which offers high-quality, reliable legal services to both individuals and corporations. The judicial policy goals of the Finnish Bar Association are presented and their progress tracked on a separate website.

We act responsibly

We act responsibly

All of our activities are founded on responsibility. The Finnish Bar Association is a public corporation regulated by the Advocates Act, which promotes the availability of independent, professional and ethically impeccable legal services – regardless of income or place of residence.