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How can I file a complaint on my counsel?

How can I file a complaint?

The Finnish Bar Association ensures that the Finnish body of attorneys-at-law has a high standard of professional competence. The role of the Finnish Bar Association as a supervisor of attorneys is based on law and intended to safeguard the quality of legal services. This means that, if the service you obtained did not correspond to what was agreed or you are otherwise dissatisfied with your attorney-at-law, you can file a complaint free of charge.

Complaints concerning attorneys-at-law, public legal aid attorneys and licensed trial counsels are processed by the independent Disciplinary Board operating in conjunction with the Finnish Bar Association. Anyone can file a complaint (in Finnish or Swedish). When a complaint is filed, the Disciplinary Board investigates whether the service provider has complied with the professional and ethical standards of the profession.


Resolution of complaints

You can file a complaint with the Disciplinary Board about an attorney-at-law, a public legal aid attorney or a licensed trial counsel or about an invoice of an attorney-at-law. The Disciplinary Board will resolve most complaints internally within its divisions. Matters that involve the possibility of harsher disciplinary action, i.e. disciplinary fines or disbarment, or have value as precedents will be discussed in a plenary session. The Disciplinary Board publishes public reports of its decisions.

Matters involving the imposition of disciplinary fines on licensed trial counsel or their disbarment are referred to the Legal Counsel Committee for resolution.

More detailed information on filing complaints and the processing of matters, along with other important information is available on the website of the Disciplinary Board. Read more at