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Why join the bar?

Why join the bar?

Would you like an interesting and meaningful job based on safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable members of society, constant professional development and the unfailing support of your colleagues – and in which you will be able to find work anywhere in Finland, at any point in the future? Have you obtained your law degree, are perhaps interested in running a business and have a few years of work experience?

The profession of attorney-at-law can be the right match for you.

If you have taken the bar in an EEA or EU Member State, you can apply for registration on the EU list maintained by the Finnish Bar Association without needing to apply for an eligibility decision from the Finnish National Board of Education. Read more.

The profession of the future attracts students

In the winter of 2018, the Finnish Bar Association asked law students what types of work and employers they were interested in. According to our survey, approximately three out of four students were interested in working as an attorney-at-law, and only one in five said that they were not at all interested in being an attorney. The students indicated the diversity of work, a competitive salary, development opportunities and a friendly work atmosphere as the most attractive factors for their future professions. Two-thirds of the respondents were women. And as many as 98.7 % of non-attorneys working in the legal profession stated that they would be prepared to work as attorneys-at-law in the future! 

Specialize on your own terms

According to our survey, young attorneys-at-law who already have some experience in the field feel “diverse tasks, intellectual challenges and opportunities to use my own expertise” to be most important in their current line of work. The profession of an attorney-at-law is a job that matters – attorneys ensure that everyone can obtain justice. And there are at least 20 fields of law to choose from, each with interesting challenges for decades to come.

Please remember that those applying to become attorneys-at-law/members of the Finnish Bar Association are required to provide or begin to provide attorney services in a professional manner and have their place of reside in an EEA member state. Applicants must also fulfil the qualification criteria specified in the Finnish Bar Association by-laws.

Read more on how to apply.

Benefits of membership

As a member of the Finnish Bar Association, you will receive benefits that your colleagues who have not taken the bar will not have access to:

  • You will have the right to use the title of attorney-at-law, held in high regard both in Finland and abroad.
  • The title is also a complete resumé of your professional competence: you are a reliable professional who provides high-quality service, and your activities are ethical and highly supervised.
  • You are a part of the professional body of attorneys-at-law and can network with colleagues by participating in the Bar Association’s diverse and influential judicial activities and fantastic members’ events.
  • You will have access to the inexpensive and constantly improving continuing education provided by the Bar Association.
  • In the elected positions of the Bar Association, you will have the opportunity to influence Finland’s judicial conditions and guidelines.
  • You will have constant access to the Bar Association’s support and up-to-date guidelines.

Diverse services at your fingertips

As a member of the Bar Association, you have access to a variety of services. The Finnish Bar Association has extensive print and digital communications channels, so you will be the first to know of developments in your field and their underlying causes. You will also have access to the Bar Association’s guidelines and manuals, along with expert personal support.

Your benefits include: