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Membership fees

Membership fees 

Membership and supervision fees:

  • Attorneys-at-law EUR 1,125/year

  • New members EUR 685,50/year

  • Public legal aid attorneys EUR 703,50/year

Membership fee

  • The annual fee for attorneys-at-law is EUR 871, invoiced in three (3) instalments. The annual fee for new attorneys-at-law is EUR 431,50 for the year in which membership was gained and for the following calendar year, charged in three (3) instalments.
  • The annual fee for recipients of the attorney-at-law (retired) title is EUR 50. The annual fee includes the year’s Advokaatti magazines.
  • The annual fee for public legal aid attorneys is EUR 449,50.
  • The annual fee for passive members is equal to the subscription fee for Defensor Legis, EUR 140 in 2022.

Supervision fee

  • The statutory supervision fee is EUR 254. Everyone who has been a member of the Bar Association at some point during the year (even if only for a short period) is required to pay the fee. The supervision fee does not apply to recipients of the attorney-at-law (retired) title (Advocates Act, section 9.6).

Registration fee for EU attorneys

  • EUR 871/year for EU attorneys entered into the EU list.
  • EUR 435,50 for new EU attorneys for their registration year and the following calendar year.
Attorneys-at-law born before 1 January 1938 are exempt from the membership fee from the beginning of the calendar year following their birthday (this exemption does not apply to the supervision fee, however).
No compensation fund fee will be charged in 2022. 
A voluntary support fee of EUR 4 is collected for the operations of the IBA Human Rights Institute in connection with the first instalment of the membership fee.