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Data protection

Data protection

Processing of personal data by the Finnish Bar Association

This page tells what information the Finnish Bar Association collects about its clients, where this information is obtained, what it is used for and in which situation information is transferred. The page also contains information telling data subjects what to do if they want to access information about themselves in our registers, rectify any inaccurate information and when they can restrict the use of the data on them. 
The Finnish Bar Association is a public-sector organisation based on the Advocates Act (496/1958 as amended).
The Finnish Bar Association and the Disciplinary Board have a joint register, where access to personal data is restricted by access rights. 
Contact information: P.O. Box 194 (Mikonkatu 25), FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 9 6866 120 (switchboard),

Collecting of personal data

The Finnish Bar Association has a legal obligation to keep a register of lawyers. Information is obtained largely from Bar members themselves and from public data sources. 
For the purposes of statutory supervision, the Finnish Bar Association has the right to obtain the required information from lawyers themselves and from official data sources. 
The Finnish Bar Association has a statutory obligation to arrange a bar examination. To arrange the examination, the Association collects the necessary information about candidates taking the examination. This information is obtained from the candidates themselves. Collecting the data is based on the law and on a legitimate interest. 
The Finnish Bar Association collects necessary information about other clients, stakeholders and partners. This information is obtained from the persons themselves and collection is based either on a legitimate interest or recommendation. 
More detailed information is provided in the register descriptions.

Use of personal data

Personal data are used for dealing with statutory duties, customer service, communication and marketing services. The data may also be used for service design and development.

Data transfer

The Finnish Bar Association may transfer data to the authorities in relation to a statutory obligation. The Finnish Bar Association may transfer the personal data of participants at an event to its partners for arrangement of that event. Under the Advocates Act, the public roll of advocates is in the public domain.
The Finnish Bar Association does not transfer data for marketing purposes. 

Right to refuse the use of data for marketing

Members and other clients have the right to prohibit the Finnish Bar Association from targeting marketing of the Association’s services at them. Refusal may not be given with regard to communication in statutory matters.

Right of access to personal data

Clients and members have a legal right to know what information on them have been stored in the Finnish Bar Association’s registers. Subject access requests must be made in writing either on an electronic form or informally in writing. Signed requests must may be submitted to the office of the Finnish Bar Association or sent by post or email (scanned). The client’s identity will be checked. 
The Finnish Bar Association will respond to requests in writing within 30 days from receiving the request (in Finnish). 

Inaccurate information

The data subject has the right to request the data controller to rectify, supplement or erase inaccurate and incorrect personal data about the data subject without undue delay (go to forms). Should the inaccurate information have been forwarded or transferred to the authorities or some other organisation to which the Finnish Bar Association has an obligation or right to forward or transfer information, the recipient will also be contacted about rectification.  

More information about personal data processing

Please contact the office of the Finish Bar Association for more information about processing.