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Board of Directors, Committees and Management Committee

Board of Directors, Committees and Management Committee

Board of the Finnish Bar Association

The Board is responsible for the implementation of the Finnish Bar Association’s strategy and monitors the Bar Association’s operations through monthly meetings. The majority of Board work is related to the discharge of the Bar Association’s statutory duties, such as the approval of members and supervision of attorneys-at-law.

The members of the Board perform their statutory duties with the responsibility of a judge.

The Chairperson of the Board and thus the Finnish Bar Association is Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju (Tampere) and Vice-Chairperson Eero-Pekka Uotila (Helsinki).


Chairperson (2020–), Attorney-at-Law Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju

Download a press photo of Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M. with court training
Asianajotoimisto Tempo Oy
Hämeenkatu 15 B, 33100 Tampere


Vice-Chairperson (2020–), Attorney-at-Law Eero-Pekka Uotila

Download a press photo of Eero-Pekka Uotila


Eero-Pekka Uotila, Attorney-at-Law
Properta Asianajotoimisto Oy
Unioninkatu 7 B 17, 00130 Helsinki


In addition to Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson the Board comprises eight Finnish- and Swedish-speaking members representing different parts of Finland. Members of the Board serve for a term of three years.


Board members, July 2021

As of August 2021, the Board members are, from the left in the photograph: Eero-Pekka Uotila, Vice Chairperson (Helsinki), Mari Lampenius (Helsinki), Jussi Ikonen (Helsinki), Tero Puha, Chairman of the Delegation (Helsinki), right to attend meetings, Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju, Chairperson (Tavastland), Hannu Kalkas (Helsinki), Lotta Kroneld (Turku) and Juha Ryynänen (Oulu). The picture lacks Max Lindholm (Helsinki), Elina Saari (Middle Finland) and Lasse Tirronen (Kymi).


Management Committee

The Management Committee of the Finnish Bar Association is the Secretary General’s strong right arm. The Secretary General has overall responsibility for the operations of the Bar Association and management of the office.


Secretary General Niko Jakobsson, operative leader of the Finnish Bar Association

Download a press photo of Niko Jakobsson


Niko Jakobsson, Secretary General, LL.M. with court training
Finnish Bar Association
P.O. Box 194 (Mikonkatu 25), 00101 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 6866 120


The other members of the Management Committee serve as supervisors in charge of decision-making and management in their own fields of operation. If you have any questions at all on the Bar Association’s areas of activity or the development of operations, please contact the members of the Management Committee directly. 

Members of the Management Committee are:

  • Niko Jakobsson, Secretary General (overall responsibility for the Bar Association’s operations, judicial policy and international affairs, administration, IT and development) and
  • Sari Krappe, Communications Director (communications, training and corporate responsibility).
  • Kaisa Marttinen, acting Head of Disciplinary Unit, is also a member of the extended Management Committee.


The Committees of the Finnish Bar Association prepare matters relating to themes of particular importance to the Bar Association for discussion by the Board. They are tasked with keeping track of issues related to the development of attorney services and judicial conditions and preparing proposals for decisions in these areas.

At present, the Committees are focusing on the development of professionalism, ethical questions, matters related to IT, data protection and data security, the training / continuing education of attorneys-at-law, development of mediation activities and encouraging activity in young attorneys-at-law. If you have questions or development ideas related to the field of a Committee, please contact the Committee’s Chairperson directly.


Committee Chairpersons 18 June 2021–

  • Lotta Kroneld, Professional Committee
  • Hannu Kalkas, Ethics Committee
  • Juha Ryynänen, IT Committee
  • Mari Lampenius, Education Committee
  • Antti Pulkkinen, Mediation Committee
  • Iina-Mari Supperi, Youth Committee