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Our organisation

The highest decision-making body of the Finnish Bar Association is the Delegation. The decisions made by the Delegation are implemented by the nine-member Board of the Bar Association, along with its permanent specialised working groups or committees. The operations of the Finnish Bar Association are directed by the Secretary General.

The Finnish Bar Association operates nationwide, with 12 chapters around Finland. The chapters work actively to ensure the availability of the legal services required by clients and, on the other hand, safeguard the working conditions of attorneys-at-law everywhere in Finland.

More than 300 attorneys-at-law in positions of trust

The Finnish Bar Association’s reputation for activeness is mainly based on the active long-term work of the Bar Association’s members elected to positions of trust. Many of our elected members have served long terms in the Association’s various bodies, some of them for more than a decade, with no thought for themselves. The elected officials are happy to serve, because they can see first hand the enormous contribution of their work to the improvement of judicial conditions in Finland.

The supreme decision-making power in the Bar Association is exercised by the Delegation. The Board and its permanent Committees specialising in specific themes prepare proposals for discussion by the Delegation and are responsible for implementing its decisions. The 12 chapters of the Bar Association keep attorneys-at-law organised everywhere in Finland. Please note that attorneys-at-law receive no monetary compensation for their work in positions of trust, but work to promote the development of judicial conditions in Finland pro bono or without compensation.

In addition to our membership the office of the Finnish Bar Association serves everyone interested in knowing more about the work of attorneys-at-law, looking for an attorney (see the Find an attorney service), would like to file a complaint on an attorney or is interested in the promotion of the rule of law.

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Things did not work out? Let the Disciplinary Board investigate it.

An independent self-regulation body for attorneys-at-law, the Disciplinary Board, also operates alongside the Bar Association. The Disciplinary Board handles complaints made of attorneys-at-law similarly as, for example, the Council for Mass Media does for journalists. The members of the Disciplinary Board include both attorneys-at-law and other professionals. Read more.