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The Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board – quality assurance for attorneys

The Disciplinary Board is an independent supervisory body functioning alongside the Finnish Bar Association. Its statutory duties include supervising the work of attorneys-at-law, public legal aid attorneys and licensed trial counsel. The Disciplinary Board functions as quality assurance for attorney services. 
The attorney’s client, counterparty or other parties dissatisfied with the attorney’s services can contact the Finnish Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board to lodge a complaint against an attorney-at-law, public legal aid attorney or licensed trial counsel. For more information, see the Disciplinary Board website.

Composition of the Disciplinary Board

The membership of the Disciplinary Board represents a comprehensive cross-section of the legal profession: judges, professors, public legal aid attorneys, licensed trial counsel and attorneys-at-law. 
The independent Disciplinary Board includes a Chairperson and 11 ordinary members, of which the Chairperson and six other members must be attorneys-at-law.
Three members of the Disciplinary Board are recruited from outside the body of attorneys, but are required to possess an intimate knowledge of attorney work and the duties of judges or legal university education and research. In addition, two members of the Disciplinary Board represent licensed trial counsel.
The members and deputy members of the Disciplinary Board serve for three-year terms and perform their duties with the responsibility of a judge.
The Disciplinary Board and legality of the disciplinary procedure are supervised by the Chancellor of Justice.
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