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Why choose an attorney-at-law?

Did you know that only experienced lawyers accepted into the Finnish Bar Association who have passed the exacting bar examination are permitted to use the title of attorney-at-law?

What is an attorney-at-law?

An attorney-at-law is a lawyer specialising in defending the rights of his or her client: they are subject to stricter requirements and are more closely supervised than other lawyers.

Where can I find an attorney-at-law

At our search service 'Find an attorney-at-law' you will find all Finnish attorneys-at-law (i.e. members of the Bar) and other lawyers employed by law offices.

Do you require the assistance of an experienced attorney-at-law?

Our search service will help you find the most suitable attorney-at-law for your needs. The service is equally suitable for private and corporate customers.

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What do the services of an attorney cost?

What do the services of an attorney cost?

At the beginning of the assignment, the attorney-at-law agrees on the basis for the attorney’s fee with the client. The attorney’s final fee is normally calculated according to an hourly rate.

How can I file a complaint?

How can I file a complaint?

The Finnish Bar Association ensures that the Finnish body of attorneys-at-law has a high standard of professional competence. This means that, if you are dissatisfied with your attorney-at-law, you can file a complaint free of charge.

Who we are

Who we are

The Finnish Bar Association is a public corporation that approves new attorneys-at-law and supervises their professional activities. Only our members are entitled to use the title of attorney-at-law.