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Diverse professional training

We offer a diverse array of continuing professional education to attorneys-at-law and other employees of attorney’s offices!

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  • Service Director Liisa Aro or Training Coordinator Marja Karppinen are happy to answer questions concerning the training activities of the Finnish Bar Association. Please address enquiries to
  • Service Secretary Tarja Lindén of the University of Turku,, can provide further information on training organised in cooperation by universities and the Finnish Bar Association.

Attorneys-at-law are obligated to train themselves

The mandatory continuing education guidelines for attorneys-at-law specify that each attorney must spend a minimum of 18 hours on personal professional development per year. The purpose of the continuing education obligation is to ensure that attorneys always have access to the latest information on developments in the field and the quality criteria for their activities. Our tasks also include supervision of compliance with the continuing education obligation in the manner required by law.

Legal, advocacy-related and professional ethics training is eligible for the continuing education obligation, along with work-related language studies and research, teaching or publishing in the field of law. Drawing up jurisprudential statements or statements on law drafting can also be counted against the obligation. The fulfilment of the continuing education obligation is monitored by the independent Disciplinary Board operating in conjunction with the Finnish Bar Association.

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In cooperation with universities and other education providers, we offer inexpensive, high-quality continuing education to maintain and develop the professional competencies of attorneys-at-law and employees of attorney’s offices. The majority of training can also be followed via a remote connection. See our courses.


We use the Eventilla registration system for our training events. Registering for the courses by telephone or e-mail is not possible. Any changes or cancellations to your registrations must be made through the link in the confirmation e-mail.