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Mission statement, values and strategy

Mission statement

The Finnish Bar Association is a public corporation founded in 1919. This means that we have official duties related to the management of our membership of attorneys-at-law and the supervision of the profession. We also regulate the body of attorneys-at-law, providing guidance and training to them, and are responsible for arranging the challenging Finnish bar examination.
One of our key tasks is to influence the legislature by raising citizens’ and companies’ views on legal protection at the drafting stage. All activities of the Bar Association are based on defending the principle of the rule of law. Attorneys-at-law are essential for upholding the strong constitutional state of Finland in the future. 

The core values of attorneys-at-law are reflected in their everyday work

The core values of attorneys-at-law are loyalty, independence, avoidance of conflicts of interest, confidentiality and integrity. To attorneys-at-law, these are not just fine words, but a daily guideline for the work of every attorney.
Before beginning their careers, attorneys-at-law must commit to the ethical guidelines for the profession. The above-mentioned values are explained in more detail in the Code of Conduct for Attorneys-at-Law, which also contain a thorough description of how they should be implemented in the daily work of attorneys-at-law. Our values are genuinely reflected in the everyday work of attorneys, as the Bar Association supervises the activities of every attorney-at-law during work and in their free time.

The mission, vision and strategy of attorneys-at-law

The mission of the professional body of attorneys is that Attorneys-at-law safeguard the rule of law.
  • In every constitutional state, there exists a body of attorneys-at-law independent from governmental authority, which offers high-quality, reliable legal services to individuals and businesses both.
The vision or long-term goal of the community of attorneys-at-law is that Everyone can trust an attorney-at-law.
  • Both individuals and companies view attorneys-at-law as skilled providers of professional legal services. In society, there is a broad consensus on the significant role of attorneys-at-law in the development of judicial conditions. Membership in the Bar Association is felt to be useful and valued.

The duties of the Finnish Bar Association are to regulate and supervise the work of attorneys-at-law, promote the quality of attorney services, provide training and support to attorneys-at-law and develop the judicial conditions in Finland.

Our key goals for 2015–2024:

  1. The community of attorneys-at-law has a valued position in society as a force for the improvement of judicial conditions.
  2. Everyone has access to high-quality attorney services.
  3. Attorneys-at-law are the most skilled providers of legal services, and the profession of attorney-at-law is an attractive one.
  4. Attorneys-at-law are committed to the ethical guidelines of the profession, and the guidelines are widely known by the public.
  5. The Finnish Bar Association is an efficient service organisation for its membership.