NYT: Tanskassa arvioidaan 10.000 vanhaa tuomiota virheellisten televalvontatietojen johdosta

21.8.2019 | Oikeusuutiset

Markku Fredman

The New York Times:

Flaws in Cellphone Evidence Prompt Review of 10,000 Verdicts in Denmark

The authorities in Denmark say they plan to review over 10,000 court verdicts because of errors in cellphone tracking data offered as evidence. The country’s director of public prosecutions on Monday also ordered a two-month halt in prosecutors’ use of cellphone data in criminal cases while the flaws and their potential consequences are investigated. “It’s shaking our trust in the legal system,” Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup said in a statement.

The first error was found in an I.T. system that converts phone companies’ raw data into evidence that the police and prosecutors can use to place a person at the scene of a crime. During the conversions, the system omitted some data, creating a less-detailed image of a cellphone’s whereabouts. The error was fixed in March after the national police discovered it.

In a second problem, some cellphone tracking data linked phones to the wrong cellphone towers, potentially connecting innocent people to crime scenes, said Jan Reckendorff, the director of public prosecutions.