USA:n korkein oikeus käsittelee riitaa natsien riistämän omaisuuden kohtalosta.

8.12.2020 | Oikeusuutiset

Markku Fredman

Republic of Hungary, et al., Petitioners v.  Rosalie Simon, et al.

Federal Republic of Germany, et al., Petitioners v.  Alan Philipp, et al.


BBC: US Supreme Court hears dispute over Nazi treasure trove

US law bars civil suits against foreign governments, except in the rare case of violations of international law, and the heirs’ attorneys have successfully argued in lower courts that “if such a coerced sale is not a taking in violation of international law, then nothing is”.
The case, heard by the the Supreme Court on Monday, will decide whether they can keep fighting in US courts for either the return of the treasure or for its value in damages.


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