EUn yleinen tuomioistuin vahvisti Ukrainan entisen johdon varojen jäädytyksen

15.9.2016 | Oikeusuutiset

Markku Fredman

Judgments in Cases Andriy Klyuyev v Council, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych v Council and Oleksandr Viktorovych Yanukovych v Council

In response to the crisis in Ukraine which began at the end of 2013, the Council decided, on 5 March 2014, to freeze the funds and economic resources of persons identified as being responsible for the misappropriation of Ukrainian State funds.

Mr Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych and Mr Andriy Klyuyev, who respectively occupied the positions of President of Ukraine and Head of Administration of the President, and one of the sons of Mr Yanukovych (Oleksandr Viktorovych Yanukovych) were named, for the period from 6 March 2014 until 5 March 2015, on the list of persons subject to freezing of funds on the ground that they were the subject of pre-trial investigations in Ukraine for offences linked to the misappropriation of Ukrainian public funds and their illegal transfer outside Ukraine.

As from 6 March 2015, the freezing of funds imposed on those individuals was extended by one year, the reasons for listing being different. The reasons then stated for the freezing were that the three Ukrainians concerned were the subject of criminal proceedings initiated by the Ukrainian authorities with respect to the misappropriation of public funds or assets.

The General Court of the EU confirms the freezing of funds of three Ukrainians, one being Viktor Yanukovych, former President of Ukraine, for the period from 6 March 2015 until 6 March 2016.

The Court annuls however the freezing of funds for the period from 6 March 2014 until 5 March 2015 for non-compliance with the listing criteria.



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