Oikeusfilosofi Ronald Dworkin kuollut 81-vuotiaana

14.2.2013 | Oikeusuutiset

Markku Fredman

Yksi aikamme merkittävimmistä oikeusfilosofeista, yhdysvaltalainen Ronald Dworkin kuoli Lontoossa 14.2.2013

Professor Dworkin was “the primary legal philosopher of his generation,”
said Judge Guido Calabresi, a former dean of Yale Law School who now
sits on the federal appeals court in New York. He was also one of the
most closely read as a mainstay of The New York Review of Books,
contributing articles to it for decades.

Professor Dworkin’s central argument started with the premise that the
crucial phrases in the Constitution — “the freedom of speech,” “due
process of law,” “equal protection of the laws” — were, as he put it,
“drafted in exceedingly abstract moral language.”

“These clauses,” he continued, “must be understood in the way their
language most naturally suggests: they refer to abstract moral
principles and incorporate these by reference, as limits on the
government’s power.”

New York Times Ronald Dworkin, Legal Philosopher, Dies at 81

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