Imbi Jürgen, haastattelijana Katja Hollmén | 16.3.2023

Podcast: More women to the corner office

Does it really matter to have more women in the leadership positions in law firms?

The guest of this episode is Imbi Jürgen, President of the Estonian Bar Association. In this warm conversation between Imbi and host Katja Hollmén, their main topic is the significance of having more women in the corner offices of law firms.

Imbi tells about the whys and hows relating to her interview series published in the Estonian Bar Association’s blog where 30 successful Estonian women attorneys share their career stories and advice to younger colleagues. She also discusses her own views on quotas and talks about the generational tensions between baby boomers and millennials in Estonia – and how to respond to these changes from the bar association’s perspective. Finally, she shares her secret sauce for becoming a successful and happy attorney.

This episode was recorded in Tallinn, Estonia in January 2023.

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